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Competitions of Researchers’ Night of the Silesian University of Technology are a great opportunity to discover your creativity, deepen your knowledge in various topics and win interesting prizes awarded during the ceremonial inauguration of the event on October 12, 2024.

This year we have prepared 7 competitions for different age groups:

  • preschool children,
  • primary school students,
  • secondary school students,
  • adults.

Depending on the selected competition, participation in the project may be team or individual.

The competitions last until September 30, and the results will be announced by October 4, 2024.

Competition regulations.

Competitions are held in Polish.

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Individual competitions:

My city in the future

Science - My Passion

Scientific postcard from Silesia

Team competitions

Explorer of the 21st century

Respect myself

Stop fake news!

Don't get caught in the (inter)net

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